Some of our WB Academy Instructors


(sortet in name order)


 Alex Hansen [Brazil]


Alex Hansen is an internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist that creates from his own inspirations at levels of the highest standards. Awarded in multiple festivals and competitions all over the world for body painting and Special FX makeup; Alex is driven to push himself further as an artist with every success or achievement.

His amazing talent and experience have built an international first class reputation over the years. His ever growing art form extends from airbrush murals and illustrations to Sculpting, Costume Design, and his unique forte: Body Paint. As a 3 time World Champion for Special FX and Airbrush Body painting, Alex Hansen enjoys teaching seminars and makeup classes all around the world sharing his techniques, entertaining and inspiring the artistic communities with his open personality.

As an experienced Airbrush artist, Alex Hansen plays a large role in the Body Painting community as well as the Make-up field, having big hollywood productions in his Resume such as "300", "Death Race", "The Aviator", "The day after tomorrow" and "Immortals".


Anton Klocker [Austria]


Anton Klocker, autodidactic photographer since 1990, is living in Längenfeld in Tirol, Ötztal with his wife and 3 kids. He educated himself through many international workshops and seminars with popular photographers, as Prof. Miroslav Stibor, David Penprase and Pirelli- calendar- Photographer Berry Latigan to only name a few.
Furthermore, Anton Klockner won the Austrian championships numerous times, but is also an active Jury member at many international competitions as a certified Photoshop- trainer since 1995.
Of course, his achievements brought the presence of Anton Klockners pictures to various Photo exhibitions around the globe. Since 1998 Anton Klockner is an independent graphic artist, counting many important companies to his clientel.


Bella Volen [Bulgaria]


Art is a mirror - let's change the reflection!

Very few of the hundreds of body painting artists working around the world have a background in fine arts and have studied the foundations of the theory of creating art with colour, composition, symbology and illusory light. Bella is one of the most passionate artists bringing together these rules and breaking them with her compositions on living people and canvas.
Bella comes from an established arts family in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and was raised among painters, sculptors, dancers and poets.
She supported her natural talent with thirteen years of formal study in some of the most prestigious art institutes including the fine arts secondary school and the Academy of Fine Art in Sofia, followed by six and half years painting study in Vienna and many private courses with well know artists.
Bella has won many international body painting awards. She lives in Vienna, Austria and works world wide as an art instructor. She does paintings, body painting, murals, videos, installations, theatre art and book illustrations.


Bertrand Orsal [France]


In the beginning was the body paint, with a model and a painter. Then came the photographer, to capture the masterpiece. Autodidact, Bertrand now has a solid experience in body paint photography. Vice World Champion in the Digital Art category in 2011, Bertrand ranked 7th in the category Photo Classic in 2012 and won the 1st prize at the Netherlands body paint festival in 2013.
Outside the world of body painting, Bertrand made fashion photos, with names like Mirco Braccini, former photographer for Elle and Dior.
He made also some report photography. In 2011, he covered the intervention of the Red Cross in Thailand during the major floods.
Now Bertrand created an innovative photo school in Paris and called Stage Image. He developed new methods that make complex cameras easy to use for everyone.

Birgit Mörtl [Austria]


Artistic and manual Skills are her gift, Art and design her Mission!
Already as a child Birgit Mörtl spent more time in her father´s workshop than with her dolls. Welding, working with wood, tools, machines, colours and brushes were never a problem for Birgit Mörtl.
After a very good degree for fashion and clothing- technique Birgit Mörtl was accepted for a special workshop for stage costumes, which she completed as successfully as her Master of womens- fashion- creator with the main focus on stage costumes in 1999. It was the same time she got in contact with special effects, when a friend convinced her to participate in a Bodypainting- workshop. He told her: "You can paint on canvas, so Bodypainting should not be a problem!" Since then Birgit Mörtl is infected with the Virus of Bodypainting- it is her passion.
She loves to transform people, to paint, to experiment and to fascinate.
Birgit Mörtl took the step to self- employment, and it was the right decision. The list of costumers for promotion- costumes, Bodypainting, stage design, Movie-, Event- and Exhibition decoration is endless. Further more Birgit Mörtl is always up for new trends and designs and is actively using the participation in workshops and seminars to exchange experiences and get to know new materials.

Bodypaintingcrew Berlin [Germany]


Janny Cierpka [Germany]

Janny Cierpka is the first artist of the Bodypainting Crew. (Jannys ART) Since 1995 we have been working together with a lot of fun and success. Many clients such as Porsche, Camel, SEAT, Yahoo!, eplus, Polydor, Deutsche post AG and many more have been inspired by our art. Furthermore we won several international awards. Also the Guinness World record in 2000 for the longest painted limousine in the world is documenting one of the various challenges. We are very happy about the 1st place at the World Bodypainting Contest in 2002 in the category "Bodypainting& Special Effects".

Neville Reichman [Germany]

For many years Neville is part of the Bodypainting crew. He became famous especially with his painting on large scales and adventure worlds. The classical sign painting is one of his trademarks.

Peter Richter [Germany]

Right from the beginning, the Bodypainting crew has been held together by Peter. Next to ideas and conception for Bodypaintings he is responsible for the Special effects and the supply with professional Makeup.

Carolyn Roper [UK]

Carolyn Roper

After graduating in "Specialist Hair & Make-up" from West Thames College London in 2004, Carolyn began her career as a freelance make-up and body artist.
She's a Double World Bodypainting Champion, winning the title in 2007 with her good friend and fellow artist Carly Utting. In 2009 she took first place in the Special Effects category with her assistant Paula Southern.
Carolyn is an incredibly versatile artist and can produce highly professional logo work and stunning camouflage images, as well as beautiful fine art prints. Her work is seen on TV, in magazines, and newspapers and on music CD covers and book covers, and she's just finished working on a major film in Atlanta, Georgia . Carolyn is now recognised as one of the World's leading commercial body artists and has a major client list including, The BBC, SKY TV, MTV, Coca Cola, Ford Motors and The NHS. And she's worked with clients all around the world including, New York, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Mumbai, The Dominican Republic and numerous other European Cities.
Apart from her commercial work, Carolyn has been holding master classes for body art for several years now. She's taught classes in the US, and regularly teaches at her London studio, and numerous colleges throughout the UK.
Carolyn is also a talented make-up artist, and was delighted to be part of the team for the contestants on the X Factor 2012 and 2013.

Craig Tracy [USA]


Im a sixth time veteran of the World Bodypainting Festival and I've both won the Airbrush competition at the Festival and been a judge there several times. I'm a full time professional Bodypainting "fine art" Artist living and working in New Orleans. I own and operate a fine art gallery for my work and I represent several other fine art bodypainters as well. My gallery is the first in the world that deals exclusively with bodypainted images.

Christoph Kaltseis [Austria]


„There is no moment twice, everything is fading and unique, but still nature is offering us a new spectacle every single day. With my pictures I want to open people's eyes and motivate them to see their surroundings impartial as a child."
Christoph Kaltseis, 33, found his way to photography already as a kid and 5 years ago it started in a fast and successful career. Back then he presented his first astronomy- pictures to Nikon, followed by several publications and numerous material- testing jobs. His competences soon became famous: his close cooperation with the world concern Adobe started in 2005, only one year later he already got the "Best Newcomer" Award. His passion is Astronomy and Astro photography. Today Christoph Kaltseis is one of the most popular Photoshop- experts at adobe Systems. He has already held many seminars, nothing is strange to him.

Dmitri Moisseev [Canada]

Dmitri Moisseev 100px

Dmitri Moisseev is a passionate ArtVenturer and a creator of Art Fashion Studio ( He is a self-taught Canadian photographer and holds a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, with a specialization in Medical Imaging. He works full-time as a research engineer, regularly contributes to FAJO Magazine (, and runs Art Fashion Studio with two locations in North America and Europe. He also comes from an artistic family; his sister Lana is a talented Moscow-educated painter and fashion designer and his mother Nadejda worked as a graphic designer for a publishing house. Dmitri has many international photo awards and lives in Ottawa, Canada. He often travels the world to work with some of the most talented artists, fashion designers and dancers. Art Fashion Studio offers professional services and portfolio development for fashion designers, models and makeup artists, as well as wedding and fashion events coverage. Dmitri's recent international achievements includes winning World Champion 2012 title in photography at the World Bodypainting Festival.

Einat Dan [Israel]


Einat was raised in a small town in northern Israel, at the age of 18 she moved to Tel Aviv and during that time started her two years military service. At the end of her service she decided to follow her dream and started her career as a makeup artist.
Her makeup artist career started off in Tel Aviv and two years in New York by mostly working on special effects and body painting, TV, film, theatre and advertising. In her successful career it is possible to count numerous awards in professional makeup contests.
Einat also travels all around the world as a master makeup artist running master-classes and workshops for students and professional makeup artists with her unique technique. (Taiwan, Paris, Düsseldorf, Las Vegas, Milan and Tel Aviv). Her latest challenge is for filling one of her childhood dreams! In December 2008 Einat established her very own company VIMUA (Very Important Make up Artist). During the beginning of 2009 she released her own complete line of make up, body painting, brushes and cases under the name "Einat Dan - Bodypainting Pro". VIMUA stands for "Very Important Make Up Artist" and is specially made for all professionals that are as passionate about their work as Einat!

Erasmo Daaz [Spain]


Erasmo Daaz (Spain) The reflection of the Light: Artist, President of The Profesional Bodypainting Asociation (APBE) in Spain and Memeber of the World Bodypainting Asociation (WBA) since 2008. As autodidact Daaz walks betwen some artistic languages like Abstract Painting, Body Art Painting, Light Painting and Photography. This Artist developed in the last four years the fusion of this artistic languages together in a new concept inside art called Body Light Painting. Erasmo Daaz Also Produces his own Expositions and Alive  Performances using Body Painting, Ultraviolet colors and LED lights like primary elements, trying to connect with other artists like bodypainters, musicians, djs, performances, photographers in a world way context.... As a president of The Spanish Asociation he is teaching bodypainting in Spain in his own School and connecting the artists in the country.

Eva Maria Schulz [Germany]

Eva Maria Schulz

Near munich I live my personal dream of painting and creativity. Since 1998 I work as a self-employed artist, that made the hobby to profession. Mainly I paint everything, that has to get colourful! My utilities and techniques are: Airbrush, Brush & Sponge, wall painting and silk painting, Bodypainting, Bodyart, Tattoo, Acrylic- and Aquarell, Babybelly paintings and plaster casts. I also have entire programms for creativity for children and adults in my portfolio. I especially love working with children, because with creativity they learn to develop their imagination. In 2002 I started with kids Facepainting and the entire artform Facepainting. A few years later I additionally started with the Bodypainting. Latest success was the 4th place in Bodypainting and the 3rd place in Facepainting at the Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival (Lugano). Since 2011 I am also member in the club of Grafinger painters. My aim is it to be open and wide minded, to create new things and realise new ideas.

Ernst Wieser [Austria]


The Carinthian Bodypainting Artist Ernst Wieser has had a significant influence on the local and international Bodypainting- scene for more than 2 decades.
As a judge at the World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden and an active support for many years he gave fundamental Impulses to this form of art and encouraged many young talents with his experience and knowledge.
With his work the Bodypainting Artist Ernst Wieser is enriching:

• Photoshootings
• Demonstrations
• Workshops
• Events
• Action paintings on stage

Ernst Wieser is mainly working with airbrush, bringing his work to perfection in corporations with photographers, film teams and make up artists.

Felix Shtein [Russland]

Felix Shtein 100px

Felix Stein is international master, judge of the world championships and European decorative make-up and body Artoo and speaker at the International Congress of stylists in Greece. He is further the Director of the author's school of professional makeup since 1997 and founder of the professional line of cosmetics "Felix Shtein essence of beauty".
He is a master of creative makeup, his work is known around the world, it emphasized all will know his own courses and seminars held throughout the world, so a tight schedule (4 countries per month) seem normal. His work can be seen at the podium shows, on the covers of magazines and the world's major advertising projects. Based on the works of Felix created a permanent solo exhibition at the Art Museum of the city of Eilat in Israel.

Filippo Ioco [USA]


Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking Body painting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley's Believe it or Not to name a few. For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide.

Francois Rose [Belgium]


In the 1990s, I made my first steps in face painting thanks to my friend Olivier Zegers, a master face painter. I followed his track to the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, – the first event to host a bodypainting contest – and then to Bicolline, the biggest live action role-playing game in Québec. So I started painting goblins, dark elves, zombies and a whole bunch of tribal warriors before my very first butterfly or tiger on a kid's face.
In 2004, I set up a team called "Étincelle" (sparkle) with Caroline Trefois and Houyam Hajlaoui. The purpose was to develop body art – especially fantasy bodypainting – among a bunch of aficionados. Our team is now a reference in Belgium regarding face-painting for kids and fine art bodypainting.
I started to teach face painting around that time, with an artistic approach more than a technical one. I participated several times to the face and bodypainting contests at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, which I both won in 2006, and to the sfx face painting contest, won in 2011. I ranked fairly good in international contests as well. I promote a character-based approach to bodypainting, combining artist's, model's and photographer's contributions to the work.

Fredi Schmid [Switzerland]


Jinny [Canada]


Genevieve Houle, who the world has come to know as Jinny, is a renowned face and body painting artist who has captured the hearts of fellow artists and fans around the globe. She continues to travel the world sharing her techniques and passion with them. Her vibrant abstract designs and clever use of color, combined with her amazing brush control make Jinny one of the most sought after artists in her field. Her creative and breathtaking work has been featured in international media, magazines and books, in addition to TV, movies, commercials, conventions, shows, and corporate events. Bilingual in both French and English, Jinny's outgoing personality and great sense of humor makes her much more than a just revered artist to her peers and students. Jinny has been widely recognized for her ability to objectively critique and advise artists of all talent levels. Since their inception, she has been an esteemed judge at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria as well as at the Face and Body Art International Convention in the United States. In addition, Jinny has been the artistically creative influence behind such Cirque du Soleil special event productions as "Love", "Delirium", "Corteo", "Ovo" and "Totem". Jinny is also the only artist to have contributed to the development of a name-sake line of face and body makeup. As co-creator of Paradise Makeup AQ™, manufactured by Mehron, Inc. in the U.S., Jinny works tirelessly to help create makeup that is not only natural in its ingredients but also healthy for the skin. Thanks to Jinny's efforts Paradise Makeup AQ™ has become a market-leading brand worldwide

Johannes Stötter [Italy]


Johannes Stötter, artist and musician, started painting bodies in the year 2000. His first bodypainting experiment aroused a passion which became the main content of his life. As he never was strongly influenced by other bodypainters, his style and his way of working are very individual and very different from those of other artists. In 2009 Johannes joined the international bodypainting community and developed to a professional fine-art-bodypainter. Many of his works are related to natural and spiritual themes. His art is also shown in commercials, music-videos, catalogue covers, CD-covers, fashion shows, live-performances, workshops, competitions, exhibitions etc. His biggest successes so far were the world-champion-title 2012 and the vice-world-champion-title 2011, both in the category brush/sponge.

Karen Yiu [Hong Kong]


Karen Yiu used to be a register Social Worker, but she is also interested in Art and Design, after graduated from University, she start to explore her strength in different fields, she has been work hard in her free time and taking part time course in Hong Kong, and finally she was accepted by the University of the Arts London. Karen Yiu graduated from the University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion) Specialist makeup design with Distinction. She is an accomplished Hair and Make-up designer with extensive experience in Fashion, Editorial and Body Painting Art. Karen is passionate about makeup design; she believes as an artist one should not only know how to apply makeup, more importantly, should be capable of generating new ideas and creating innovative images. Makeup design is like creating art pieces. She invented body embroidery makeup technique in her final project, and get the attention from the industry.

Having spent just a few years in the industry, her editorial credits include The Telegraph (UK), Vogue (China), Bon International, Elle(UK), Zip magazine(HK), Kee Magazine(HK), Asian Bride. She also take part in advertising shoots for major brands such as SAMSUME, ELLE, FILA, L’Oreal Paris, Dr Hauschka (Germany). In addition Karen has worked in the London fashion week in the past years, shows included Jean Pierre Braganza, Reubecksen yamanaka, Tata Naka, Gardem Paris, Collado Garcia, Aimee McWilliams, Bruce Oldfield Jaeger etc

Mark Reid [USA]


On one scale, I am a down to earth person, but hanging out on the other end of that scale… I am intensely driven by my passion: Art.
Just like face painting, I fell in love with body painting the first time I did it. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. All my life I had painted on flat surfaces. This was a voyage into unexplored territory for me: A 3-dimensional canvas challenging every bit of creativity that exists in one’s body. To paint a face is one thing, but to create a work of art on a full body is an adventure. I do not limit myself to perfect bodies. The most rewarding paintings I have done were on women with stretch marks and scars; even a 67 year old woman. It is an unequaled feeling to make an older or scarred woman feel good about herself again. This is why I do what I do. 

Matteo Arfanotti [Italy]

Matteo Arfanotti 100px

Born in Sarzana (SP) in 1974, Painter, Architect and bodypainter.
After having devoted himself to painting since the early 90's and have held exhibitions in Italy and abroad, since 2010 he entered the world of bodypainting and in just three years has become Italian Champion in
2012 and World Champion in the Face and Bodypainting brush and sponge category in 2013. Recent victory in the first edition of the Swiss Art Bodypainting Festival in November 2013.
It was invited to give workshops in Europe and in 2014 he leads tours that will touch several countries including Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, England, Austria, Israel, Brazil and the United States and as a teacher at major international Conventions in the industry .

Monstermacher Michael Müller [Germany]

Michael Müller 100px

Der geborene Neusser Friseurmeister, Make-Up Artist und Bodyart- Künstler ist seit vielen Jahren in Bodypainting und Special-Effekt Bereich aktiv.
Er bezieht bei der Gestaltung seiner Kunstwerke die Haarkreation mit ein. Diese ganzheitliche Methode erweitert seine individuelle Leinwand um kreative Grenzen, die bis zur Perfektion ausgestalten werden können. Durch langjährige Berufs -und Schulungserfahrung, Teilnahmen an Meisterschaften vom ersten Tag seiner beruflichen Ausbildung an, besitzt Michael Müller ein sehr weites Spektrum im Know-how um Beauty, Farbgebung und Styling. Das ganzheitliche Sehen und Erkennen der Kunst ist sein absolutes Spezialgebiet.
Von dieser Einzigartigkeit profitieren seit mehr als 12 Jahren seine Schüler der Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf. Darüber hinaus ist Michael Müller der Ausbilder der einzigen ,,Geprüften Make-Up Artisten" deutschlandweit.
In Zusammenarbeit mit diversen Kosmetikvertrieben hat er Produktentwicklungen mit erforscht, weiter entwickelt und perfektioniert.
Sein Motto: Mit Feinheit und viel Fingerspitzengefühl setze ich den kostbarsten Schmuck der Frau gekonnt in Szene und gestalte ein Juwel.
MONSTERMACHER - Not Only for Monsters!!!

Mike Shane [Luxembourg/Austria]


Mike Shane's style of bodypainting is exhilarating and potent. His creation of the 'action painting' style is an innovation and a breakthrough. The technique remains his alone, as he works in the 'now' to colour moments of space and time. His work brings together all the necessary aspects of bodypainting - painter, performer, photographer, with such clarity of vision that his artwork is unforgettable. Mike has studied fine arts and in his performances work with athletic and balletic models whose movements are elegant and intriguing. Mike's radical liquid splashes of colours contrast with each other on ever changing levels as he composes, changes and destroys his fluid orchestral artworks. His works also celebrate the movement of paint with gravity, how fast, where and why it will move a certain way over the shapes it reaches. Mike has created an impressive portfolio of work for advertising and promotion. Some of these works are carried out in his action painting style but many of them show a separate angle to his work that is equally creative. Mike is able to take the logo or idea of the company he is contracted by and to design it into a bold pattern of colours that lives on the body. These bodypaintings are equally important as they show that it is possible to create a commercial bodypainting and still have an artwork as a finished product. After 10 years of experience on the commercial side of bodypainting, creating concepts, leading teams as an art director, Mike now shares this knowledge in his "commercial bodypainting-workshops" In 2010 Mike created the artist-group "CREACHIEFS" along with Bella Volen, Birgit Mörtel, Chris OBSN, Lena Pock and Eva Brosch.

Patrick Mc Cann [USA]

PatrickMcCan profil Kopie
Patrick Mc Cann, born in 1963 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. He started as a perfectionist in Photorealistic drawing. In 1986 he discovered the airbrush for himself and since then has painted walls, cars, motorcycles and many other objects. In "The Brushers" team he started with Bodypainting in 1991. Patrick has earned a name in Speedpainting and his freehand photorealism. Since then he has won many International competitions and has brought bodypainting in national TV several times.

Now Patrick has been helping other artists to go forward in the airbrush technique and has been working on his Brush, Sponge and airbrush combination technique. "I think you are never too old to learn something new or to try new things. I have a great respect to the many artists work and it is very inspiring to work with different artists and techniques."

Raphaelle Fieldhouse [Wales]


I have always enjoyed painting and being creative since I was born. I first started face painting 14 years ago, which lead to my interest in Bodypainting. Though I experimented a little while studying art at school, it wasn't until 1999 that I turned it into a career with my husband Gary. The thing that I like most about body painting is how varied it can be. With a little highlight and shade, you can completely change your features and your character. You can be anything that you want and after you've washed it off, you can be something completely different. It is a transient art-form that exists for only a couple of hours and then lives on as a photo or a memory.

Rudy Campos [USA]

rudy campos

Rudy Campos is a Houston based bodypainter and makeup fx artist who draws inspiration from his passion for science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. During his early years he apprenticed under Toby Sells Creature Fx Shop which sparked his passion for the art form of Makeup Fx. With 9 years experience under his belt he has created his own company Rcc Creations. He had the opportunity to work for several event companies across the U.S. and worldwide.

Simon Smith [UK]

simon smith 100px

I spent the first 25 years of my working life involved in all forms of reproduction. From original artwork, through photography to final printing. This was almost exclusively in the industrial and commercial fields, involving a large variety of disiplines and techniques. In 1995 I moved into the digital arena, and began developing my skills in photography with portraits, figurative work and image manipulation. I kept up my interest in traditional art forms, mostly watercolour and oils, but dabbling with other media as well. In 2003 I began teaching both photography and digital repro. I was introduced to John Davis in 2005 and since then I have developed an interest in body art, specifically in body painting and life sculpting (casting). Prior to meeting John I had never been exposed to this kind of art and I immediately found it to be both challenging and very rewarding. Currently I am teaching and working mostly in the art arena, helping models and photographers to expand their portfolios and taking commissions for photographic, traditional art work and body art. Please enjoy browsing through the site and don't hesitate to contact me regarding my work, or to book a shoot or commission.

Ulf Scherling [Austria]


Since my childhood, the passion for photography is deep and the love for nude art maybe has its roots in nature and maybe also in the small artworks in my parents' house. My mothers camera was part of the first photography- experiences. I decided to use the possibility of manipulating pictures when Digital photography arised, to realise my imaginations, and it opened up a new world for me.
My actual passion is nude photography and I find working with light and shadow fascinating. No matter if in the studio, Outdoor or under water, I define it as "drawing with light", whereas my focus is not lying on the technical realization without mistakes but the composition, ideas and spontaneity. You will also see that in the pictures I call "Fantasy Art" and "Dark Art".
In addition, as a passionate rider I am trying to catch the grace and beauty of those animals with my photography.

Wolf Reicherter [Germany]


Craig Tracy: Seeing Wolf's work live is yet another magical experience. The ultra violet spectrum of color that he often utilizes in his work combined with his masterful design work seem to dance before your eyes. I've now had the please of seeing his live paintings many times and the thrill is always the same. I'm continually amazed and impressed with his work and I've enjoyed seeing his designs and techniques gracefully evolve. He seems to have a hunger for continuing to delight his piers, collectors and fans. It's a hunger that drives his passionate work deeper and farther then that of his fellow artists and I hope that he remains this way forever.
I've now had the good fortune of really getting to know this complex and gifted man who is responsible for such astounding art. His friendship continues to inspire me and I hope that we will have many more years to drink, laugh and be creative. The world is certainly a better and more interesting place with Wolf and his work in it.

Yolanda Bartram  [New Zealand]


My mum did a theatre makeup course 15 years ago in the Netherlands and used me as a model most of the time. She got to work with some great Bodypaint- artists and we entered many competitions. After some time I decided I would rather give the painting a go instead of modelling. We have been working and painting together since.
I love transforming people into different characters - making the things I have in my head into real life creations. It's like telling stories, and I am creating the characters that play the lead. I also have completed a fashion design degree so I add a lot of costuming and props to my work.
A steady hand is very helpful as a bodypainter. Time management is good too - a body is quite a big canvas so you need to know what you can do in a certain amount of time. For me it's normal to paint naked people but I guess a lot of people would find it a bit strange. It is definitely more fun than painting a normal canvas.
I guess it's an odd profession. But I am so immersed in this art form, as most of my friends are face and body paint artists, so I take it as normal.

Yulia Vlasova  [Russia]

yulia vlasova

The Art is my hobby, my work, my life.
I was born in St. Petersburg in the family of art restorers. I started drawing since early childhood and studied at art school, and then Art Institute. Initially I have copied a academic painting with my father. But when my friend shown me the airbrush technique I’ve decided to work in this technique. So starting from 2008 I’m working professionally in airbrush on cars, interiors decoration, body-art and so on.
Some years ago I started to use special effects in my work. Special thanks to Wolfe brothers, who did greate workshop 2 years ago and gave me a lot of ideas. Also thanks to artists of Russian film studio LENFILM, who shared to me some professional secrets. Last year I’m closely working with professionals from SMOOTH-ON company. This company produce a lot of materials especial for special effects.
I also carry out workshops in Russia, Ukrain, Kazahstan for special effects and airbrush.
I wish all artists and stylists to learn new techniques and apply its in own work, making their work more creative.

Yvonne Zonnenberg  [South Africa / Netherlands]

 Yvonne Zonnenberg 100px

Painting is my passion, its a world I love to be in. As a South African i enjoyed a childhood of bright sun, vibrant colours an extremes. I come from a large artistic family, my Dutch grandfather also loved canvas painting and i think he passed his gene onto his grandchildren. I started in the hair, makeup and fashion world in the eighties after getting my masters degree in Cosmotologie. I started my own succesful business but still was looking for more than just the average day to day styling and stept into the funky world of avant garde and high fashion. Working with top model agencies for a number of years i then moved on and opened a business concentrating on specialised interior design, technique painting and murals. After a move to Europe i discovered the world of bodypainting on the internet....... My life changed.
I visited a Bodypaint competition and was so intrieged and immediately entered a competition. I was hooked.
The scope for growth in bodypainting is endless and am enjoying the journey of discovery. You never stop learning. When giving workshops i have a blast imparting the knowledge of what i have learnt over the last 20 years. Iam enjoying a full and inspiring life doing what i love to do.

Zap Zap  [Russia]


Zap is a beautiful girl and one of the owner of juggling school "Ogo" in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She organises festivals and parties, participate and teach at russian and international gatherings initiated to moving and juggling arts. She is also an artist, director and screenwriter of visaul performances.
In 2011 Zap took the prize as a Best model of the year at World Bodypainting festival in Austria. She is certifited yoga teacher and conscious practinioner for many years. More over Zap used to be passionate experimenter of love and sex relations between humans.

zu fühlen und zu verbessern.